Regime Change

No to British Regime Change in South Africa!

David Cherry and Ramasimong Phillip Tsokolibane

January 10, 2015

     South Africa is being rocked by destabilization. The leading edge of the operation is the recent call of the Metalworkers Union (NUMSA)—the largest in the country—for regime change. This comes just as the spirit of the BRICS association of nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) is taking hold worldwide, and as the commitment of South Africa’s ruling African National Congress (ANC) to the BRICS—and to nuclear power—is becoming entrenched. The ANC has chosen the only path that can provide the country with a future. What hostile force, then, is at work?

     The destabilization is no different, in essence, than the one Russia is now experiencing. Both come from the same mother, the British Empire in its neo-colonial phase-based on propaganda, and financial and psychological warfare-and both have the same intent: to immobilize or overthrow lawful governments that
threaten to break out of the British system and create the beginnings of an alternative worthy of the human spirit-the BRICS association. The project includes surrounding Russia and China with hostile governments as a step toward the overthrow of the governments of those two nations

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George Soros & Open Society-British Empire Using ‘R2P’ To Destroy National Sovereignty

Michelle Steinberg

April 29, 2011

R2P was explicitly Nerobama’s justification for starting the war in Libya. Don’t believe the press lies that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was the muscle behind the Libya war policy: The R2P doctrine has been the British Empire’s
drumbeat since Tony Blair’s 1999 Chicago speech calling for a ground invasion of Kosovo, and it has been the policy of Clinton-haters George Soros and Soros owned Samantha Power since the mid-1990s, when Soros was creating the International Criminal Court, and trying to take over the nearly failed states of the former Soviet Union through his Open Society operation. Soros’s little handmaidens, Power and Rice, have been drooling to implement R2P ever since it was first cooked up in the inner sanctums pf the Empire in 1999.

In addition to propagandizing for R2P, Soros has poured billions into creating tandem institutions that will smash the sanctity of sovereignty, especially as it was defined in the UN Charter. In the 1990s, Soros financed the propaganda for the creation of the International Criminal Court (ICC), and in 1999, he jumped immediately into supporting the International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty (ICISS, a.k.a. the Responsibility To Protect Commission), an independent initiative of the British Commonwealth that spewed out of the mouth of then Canadian Prime Minister Chrétien during the UN Millennium summit.

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Southern Africans Rally Against British Assault on Zimbabwe

Lawrence Freeman

October 12, 2007

There is no better timely example of the British colonial imperialist policy towards Africa then the current self-defeating temper tantrum by Britain’s new leader. The ghost of the infamous conqueror of Southern Africa, Cecil Rhodes, is alive but not well in the body of Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Fortunately, South African President Thabo Mbeki, with overwhelming support from the leaders of the Southern African Development Community, has brought about a compromise between the ZANU-PF ruling party, and its opposition, the British-backed leadership of the Movement for the Democratic Change (MDC). This has thwarted, for the moment, British attempts to instigate a regime change of Zimbabwe’s elected President, Robert Mugabe , before the March 2008 multiple national elections.

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