Sovereignty Must be Respected: Ethiopia’s National Identity Transcends Ethno-Nationalism

March 13, 2021

Watch my interview, Part I above & Part II below, with Ladet  Muleta from PrimeLogue/Media. I discuss the challenges Ethiopia is facing and important strategic subjects relevant to all African nations today.

Topics discussed included: respecting the sovereignty of African nations, the importance of national identity, the deleterious effects of ethno-nationalism, the potential for regime change in Ethiopia, the wrongful division of Sudan, the importance of the Battle of Adwa, Ethiopia’s national mission, real genocide in Africa, the significance of the Prosperity Party for Ethiopia, Africa’s infrastructure deficit, and what is necessary to develop Tigray.


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Horn of Africa Endangered by Untrue Media Attacks on Ethiopia 

Ethiopia’s Prosperity Party: A Revolutionary Necessity

Lawrence Freeman is a Political-Economic Analyst for Africa, who has been involved in economic development policies for Africa for over 30 years. He is the creator of the blog:

4 thoughts on “Sovereignty Must be Respected: Ethiopia’s National Identity Transcends Ethno-Nationalism

  1. Westerners keep trampling the sovereignity of nations like they did during the colonial times, now using their economic, political and military muscles without a physical invasion, only with threat using IMF, World Bank, UN and other proxies.

    It is nice people like Prof. Lawrence to remind them their own falacies at home, where human rights abuses especially for minorities has been going on for hundreds of years.

  2. I can not agree more on what has been said by Lawrence freeman. Exactly, what has been countineously done for more than a centery in Africa by colonial and neo-colonial power was exploting African economy by wastern economic oligarchy through the implementation of dividing rule along ethinic, religiou and political line. These all evils are orchestreted by International NGO, Human Right Group, Media, Spy agencies of USA and EU creating completley false strory that defame the country’s image. Currentlly, the the USA and EU are working hard to bring regime change in Ethiopia and divide Ethiopia to many small countries that serve the purpose of the Wast.

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