End Hunger and Poverty in Africa by Freeing the Continent From ‘Oligarchical’ Interference

August 26, 2021

Watch Lawrence Freeman’s video interview above by Geopolitics and Empire.

Africa has been victimized by outside powers from the beginning of slavery in the 1400s, through colonization, and over the last six decades from neo-colonialization, through control of international finance. African nations have been prevented from becoming economically sovereign intentionally by a political-financial elite, referred to as an oligarchy.  A deliberate policy of under development is obvious from examining the egregious paucity of infrastructure across the African continent. African nations are not overpopulated, but rather; underdeveloped. The lack of electricity is literally killing Africans. There  are no objectives reason for the level of poverty and hunger in Africa. We can eradicate hunger and poverty through investment in restructure, manufacturing, and agriculture.

Let us encourage all people and leaders of good will to make the eradication of poverty and hunger in Africa a great project of humankind, to be accomplished within the next 20 years. Let us not allow the West to use their calls for “democracy and human rights” as cover for intervention against sovereign nations. The failed policy of Afghanistan should put to an end to the numerous interventions by the West under the mantra of “responsibility to protect-R2P” still be advocated by Tony Blair today.

Development is a “human right.” Ethiopia’s commitment to lift its people out of poverty should be supported; not attacked or threatened as the United States has done.  

Lawrence Freeman is a Political-Economic Analyst for Africa, who has been involved in economic development policies for Africa for over 30 years. He is the creator of the blog: lawrencefreemanafricaandtheworld.com. Mr. Freeman’s stated personal mission is; to eliminate poverty and hunger in Africa by applying the scientific economic principles of Alexander Hamilton

One thought on “End Hunger and Poverty in Africa by Freeing the Continent From ‘Oligarchical’ Interference

  1. Hunger/Famine and war are lucrative business. We live in a capitalist society where profit matters not humanity so hunger and poverty are perpetuated instead of being eliminated. It is sad but that is the reality. https://siliconafrica.com/france-colonial-tax/
    If there is a will, there is a way, unfortunately there is no willingness to free Africa from poverty. First and foremost Africa should be free to decide on its own destiny. I hope you will not joke by saying Africa is free and most got their independence more than 50 years ago. That should be the joke of the century, Africa is not free and should be freed in order to fight poverty, have its own government freely elected by its own people but not by those masters in Washington DC, London, Paris or elsewhere.

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