U.S. Diplomats Collaborate With TPLF to Plot Removal of PM Abiy From Governing Ethiopia

November 26, 2021

It is instructive to read Jeff Pearce’s article; Ethiopia: Western Diplomats Meet in Secret to Decide How to Help the TPLF , based on the secret zoom meeting with retired Western diplomats, including a former U.S. offical, and Berhane Gebre-Christos, leader of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front-TPLF. Their secret discussion was on how to remove Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed from office . Watch the video of the zoom meeting above.

I have known for a long time that the certain Western forces have wanted to weaken Ethiopia’s duly elected Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed. Now we have the proof. Open collaboration of Western diplomats with the TPLF, labelled a terrorist group by the Ethiopian government, to bring down Prime Minister Abiy. These used up diplomats want the TPLF to succeed in militarily defeating Ethiopia’s army and overthrowing the government, which was elected by over 40 million Ethiopians. This is regime change! This is a real scandal, given the stated position of neutrality by the U.S government. Shame on the Biden administration.

There are also TPLF sympathizers currently in the U.S. government, who are directing President Joe Biden to weaken the sovereign nation of Ethiopia.

As an American, with exceptional knowledge of Africa and Ethiopia, I will continue to fight to prevent President Biden from destroying the Horn of Africa, like his Democratic predecessor, President Obama, did to Libya and the Sahel, ten years ago.

Below are excerpts from Pearce’s article.

The West’s Horn of Africa experts have been meeting with a TPLF leader and TPLF/OLF supporters in secret, even as its governments claim to be impartial — TPLF’s Berhane Gebre-Christos speaks as TPLF member, proposed head of “transitional government.

Donald Yamamoto, recently the U.S. Ambassador to Somalia who just retired this year, to TPLF official Berhane Gebre-Christos:

“Abiy is not listening… Obasanjo has not been extraordinary helpful or very active, and so are there any other opportunities that you see?”

Vicki Huddleston, former U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for African Affairs and US Assistant Secretary of State for Africa, speaking to Berhane Gebre-Christos:

I couldn’t agree more that you know, Abiy should step down, there should be an all-inclusive transition government.”

Former ambassadors and current diplomats for the United States, Britain and EU had a Zoom meeting this past Sunday with an official for the TPLF in what amounts to a green light from the West for the terrorist group’s attempts to overthrow the democratically elected Ethiopian government. And there’s evidence to prove it: a phone-cam video of the two-hour meeting.

“I hope that you’ll have military success fairly soon, because it seems as if the situation is only becoming more drastic,” said Vicki Huddleston, who was Chargé d’Affairs ad interim in Ethiopia during years the TPLF were in power.

France’s retired diplomat and writer Stéphane Gompertz openly speculated on the potential for Abiy to be forced from power. “Even if Abiy sticks to his guns, which unfortunately he seems to be doing, you either hope that people around him either in government or in the military realize that this is going nowhere and might force him to, well, accept the cessation of hostilities or force him to step down?”

The Western powers — Britain, the EU and especially the United States — have been posturing for months that they have not taken sides in the conflict and are pushing negotiations only in the interests of peace. But the Zoom talk rips away the façade, revealing a chummy circle of foreign policy elite, both retired and still active who mostly know each other and are in sympathy with TPLF objectives. They include Donald Yamamoto, one of the U.S. government’s most senior Africa experts who just retired this year as the American ambassador to Somalia, and Spain’s diplomat Carmen de la Peña.

Read the complete article: Ethiopia: Western Diplomats Meet in Secret to Decide How to Help the TPLF

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6 thoughts on “U.S. Diplomats Collaborate With TPLF to Plot Removal of PM Abiy From Governing Ethiopia

      • You’ve argued that the Biden Administration is perusing “regime change”. What actual evidence do you have of this? Have you read US envoy Jeffery Feltman’s statements from direct talks with Abiy Ahmed, supporting his counter offensives against the TPLF? What would be the goal of saying this, and yet supporting a “regime change”?

        • Hello Nikolas,
          I have not seen any comments from Feltman where he says he SUPPORTS Abiy’s was against th TPLF. Please send them to me.
          In any case, Feltman is not calling the shots on Ethiopia-he takes orders from Blinken, who along with Samantha Power and others are pushing for regime change on behalf of a perverted “geo-political” outlook.
          Much more relevant is understanding the the intent of the New York Times article of Dec. 15, “The Nobel Peace Prize That Paved the Way for War.” This is a declaration of war against PM Abiy by the leading press organ of the US Establishment. Far more powerful than poor Feltman.
          I hope you subscribe to my blog. I just came back from 2 weeks in Addis disproving the lies of the US Embassy that everyone should leave Ethiopia, and will posting new material.

          • Hey, apologies for the delayed response, but, this was reported in November:

            “But Feltman said he was encouraged by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s priority of pushing the Tigray fighters out of regions they were occupying. “We share that objective,” he said.”


            “are pushing for regime change”

            In what ways? What actions?

            “This is a declaration of war against PM Abiy by the leading press organ of the US Establishment.”

            This sounds very absurd. The NYT is by and large a private outlet. They’ve been very critical of the US’ foreign policy, totally embarrassing the state dept when revealing the botched Kabul drone strike and revealing the thousands of civilians killed by US airstrikes. Yet, they’re somehow aligned with the US state depts interest? This doesn’t make any sense.

            I asked how the US was trying to conduct regime in Ethiopia, and you didn’t really answer this, just saying “geopolitical”

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