I Came to Addis to Defend Ethiopia and Represent the True Interests of the U.S.A.

The short video above is a news story on my lecture at Addis Ababa University. The longer video below is an extensive interview with Prime Media.

Discussion with Lawrence Freeman: Africa, Ethiopia, and Geo-Politics

December 21, 2021

Why I Came to Ethiopia

I was on the ground in Addis Ababa, from November 28 – December 10, to defend Ethiopia and represent the true interests of the United States. During that time in Addis, I conducted sixteen interviews and gave a two hour lecture at Addis Ababa University. I came to Ethiopia as an American, who, knowledgeable of the origins of my country, knows that the current U.S. policy towards Ethiopia is wrong and dangerous.

Understanding the intent of the psychological warfare campaign conducted by Western nations, international media, and most especially, my own United States Department of State, I knew the most important place for me to be, was in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia.

As I anticipated, all was calm and normal in this bustling city, with unending construction of new buildings. Through multiple media outlets I was able to expose the lies of the false narrative about Ethiopia and counter the psychological warfare campaign being waged against the Ethiopian people.

It was and remains my responsibility to defeat this campaign against Ethiopia and present what America’s true interest are in Africa.

Lawrence Freeman standing in front of the Addis Ababa skyline

Disinformation Campaign

The U.S. embassy sent out daily disinformation that Addis was in danger of attack from the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) located in the town of Dessie, less than two hundred miles north of the city. Even after government forces pushed the TPLF out of Dessie, the U.S. embassy continued to encourage Americans to leave Addis and went as far as offering to buy their tickets to return home. Ned Price, press spokesperson for the U.S. State Department, attempted to create even more fear and hysteria, by officially announcing the U.S. would not be conducting a military airlift for Americans like it did in Afghanistan this past August.

Various news programs accompanied the State Department’s fraudulent comparison of Addis and Kabul with videos of an American plane taking off from the Kabul airport leaving desperate people behind on the runway. This disgusting and outrageous comparison between Addis and Kabul, was deliberately and knowingly untruthful.

Those who believe the U.S. has not taken “sides” do not comprehend political warfare. And do not understand the intent of geo-political forces in the administration of President Biden and other western governments for regime change of the duly elected Prime Minister, Dr. Abiy Ahmed.

Relaxing at a restaurant off Meskel Square, Addis Ababa

More ominously for Ethiopia than Ned Price, the New York Times, the premiere organ of the U.S. Establishment, articulated the geo-political intent for regime change. In a blatant “hit job,” advocating the necessity of removing the “sinister” Prime Minister Abiy at all costs, The Times published on December 15,  The Nobel Peace Prize That Paved the Way for War. This article maliciously portrays Prime Minister Abiy as a maniacal ruthless leader only bent on destroying the TPLF and caring nothing for Ethiopia. Its intent should obliterate any ambiguity regarding U.S. geo-political policy for Ethiopia.

It is vital for the Ethiopian government, its people, Ethiopian diaspora, and friends and allies, to understand the geo-political determination to weaken the authority of Prime Minister Abiy or remove him from office. However, simultaneously it is necessary to think beyond the current military campaign. The government should prepare now for what is required as soon as this conflict is over. It is imperative for the future of the nation that Ethiopia engage in two crucial missions:

  1. Articulate a comprehensive reconstruction plan that includes the economic development of all regions of the nation in building a prosperous Ethiopia. Farms, schools, hospitals, and all kinds of necessary infrastructure will need to be rebuilt and expanded in Tigray and across northern Ethiopia. Let us use this post war mission to unify the nation around a national economic mobilization to improve the conditions of life for all Ethiopians.
  2. Commence a national dialogue to discuss/debate the supremacy ofthe concept of being a citizen of a sovereign nation as opposed to membership in an ethnic group. Ethiopia’s national identity must be strengthened, and the partisan influence of ethnic dominated regionalism reduced.

Normal traffic in Addis Ababa

America’s Real Interests

America was not created to intervene against sovereign nations like Ethiopia. Today, we are still witnessing the death and destruction across the Sahel caused by President Obama’s military intervention ten years ago when the U.S. overthrew and killed Libya’s leader, Muammar Gaddafi.

There is no objective reason for discord between the U.S. and Ethiopia. None! The conflict between the two nations exists entirely because President Biden has allowed his policy towards Ethiopia to be determined by the globalist-humanitarian-democracy cabal. They arrogantly believe they have the right to impose their so-called democratic-humanitarian construct on Ethiopia. Dictating how Ethiopia should be governed, and who should govern it.

The United States, created to be a Democratic-Republic, was founded on the economic theories of Alexander Hamilton, endorsed by President George Washington. These principles, known as the American System of Political Economy, have guided our more thoughtful U.S. presidents in conducting foreign and domestic policy.

The U.S. in its better moments, unlike the last few decades, has supported the right of governments to preserve the sovereignty of their nation. President Abraham Lincoln was prepared to continue the war, which costs the lives of 750,000 Americans, to defeat the efforts by the southern Confederacy to break up the Union. For President Lincoln, there was no greater importance than safeguarding the sovereign Union of the U.S., and no limit to his actions for that purpose.

The author giving a lecture at Addis Ababa University

As a result of Hamilton’s dominant influence, the U.S. was committed to economic development from its very inception and desired the same for all other nations. Sadly, the last U.S. president who understood the critical importance of economic development for African nations was President Kennedy–almost sixty years ago. To the detriment of the U.S. and the world, America has lost its mission and its vision to create a better future for humankind. The shining “city on the hill” has become a quite a bit dimmer.

The true underlying interests of the U.S. and the American people is exactly the same as that of Ethiopia and its people. All nations have the same shared-common goals:

  1. Improving the material standard of living for its citizens and ensuring a better future for their children and  grandchildren.
  2. Nurturing the creative potential of the mind of every child to enhance their ability to contribute to the development of humanity.

The foundation of a real American foreign policy should rest on these two pillars of statecraft. From this higher strategic perspective, Ethiopia, and the U.S., have no fundamental insurmountable disagreements that would prevent the two nations from engaging in policies that will mutually benefit its people now and for the future.

Read my earlier post: Biden’s Economic Warfare Only Hurts Ethiopians–Who Benefits?

Lawrence Freeman is a Political-Economic Analyst for Africa, who has been involved in economic development policies for Africa for over 30 years. He is the creator of the blog: lawrencefreemanafricaandtheworld.com. Mr. Freeman’s stated personal mission is; to eliminate poverty and hunger in Africa by applying the scientific economic principles of Alexander Hamilton.

My website had a break-out year in 2021 with over 107,000 visitors. Please subscribe to my blog.

Let me take this opportunity to wish everyone the best during this holiday season

8 thoughts on “I Came to Addis to Defend Ethiopia and Represent the True Interests of the U.S.A.

  1. My deepest appreciation to u Prof. Lawrence, a true son of the ideals of America democratic tradition and a great friend of Ethiopia. At a time when the principles of national sovereignty, democratic election, historical alliances, truth, the integrity of great powers, the media and celebrated global leaders was turned upside down, his physical presence & eloquent declaration of the hidden intentions of Western powers and the immediate task of economic development, national unity and strengthening PanAfricanism was nothing short of a historical event. When the historical friends of Ethiopia turned their backs on her, he, representing, the fair minded millions of American citizens , stood alongside the galant and patriotic Ethiopian people and declared his unwavering support for the motherland. We are forever indebted to this true friend.

  2. Mr Freeman,
    I had to go back and learn who Lawrence Freeman was and is and why he took a risky stand supporting a country and its people when the whole western world including his own stood against it. Truth always wins! You in good conscience stood with the truth and history will reward you for your honest and unadulterated remarks and written reports. “A friend in need is a friend indeed!”
    You went to Ethiopia when your own government was urging Americans to leave, this showed Ethiopia and its people that they have a friend that has a backbone to stand in the thick of it and tell the truth no matter the consequences!! All peace loving Ethiopians have a great respect for you!! Thank you for being a truth teller!
    God bless you!

  3. A great American,above all,a great human being ,who has so eloquently articulated the basic bond of humanity among and between citizens of all nations black or white ,brown or yellow !Thank you so much for the kind words that can only come from a noble mind and a kind heart such as yours and yours only !Te

  4. Dear Lawrence,
    Thank you for your well articulated article. I am appreciative of your persistence in exposing the wrong policy the Biden Administration is advancing against Ethiopia and the blatant lies that the international media are spreading to mislead viewers and readers. Truly, Ethiopia has stood for taking its citizens out of poverty and ensuring rule of law in the country ; nothing more than that. On the contrary, the Biden administration is actively supporting the TPLF; a jingoistic and bloodthirsty entity with no intent for seeing peaceful Ethiopia. One can easily judge the level of massacres and property destruction the TPLF has caused in northern Ethiopia.

    The current USA administration is knowingly and arrogantly supporting the diabolic entity undermining the Democratic transition in the country. In the last 50 years, Ethiopia has never had a government that has got the support of Ethiopians. The hypocrisy of American foreign policy toward Ethiopia has become glaringly obvious and will not be forgotten for time to come. More than ever, Ethiopians have today realized the level of callousness that the political elite in Washington could go to destabilize a country with no convincing reason.

    Wishing you all the best.

  5. Hello Mr Freeman, I’ve talked about this in a reply to another piece of yours, but I’ve just been aware of this new one so I might repeat myself again, ignore that one if you want to.

    ” do not understand the intent of geo-political forces in the administration of President Biden and other western governments for regime change

    You just state this and don’t really follow it up or explain further, what do you mean by this? What is the framework you believe the US is working from?

    “the New York Times, the premiere organ of the U.S. Establishment”

    This is a bizarre point. The NYT effectively forced the state dept to admit they botched the Kabul drone strike and this week revealed the deluge of civilians killed in US strikes. How exactly does this one article “obliterate any ambiguity regarding U.S. geo-political policy” when they’ve routinely frustrated the US state dept?

    “caused by President Obama’s military intervention ten years ago when the U.S. overthrew and killed Libya’s leader, Muammar Gaddafi.”

    This is just bad historical knowledge. France worked at the UNSC to invoke R2P whilst a civil war was raging in Libya. Obama didn’t just step in and removed Gaddafi, the security council signed off on it and it was supported the Libyan people (at the time).

    “President Biden has allowed his policy towards Ethiopia to be determined by the globalist-humanitarian-democracy cabal”

    Again, what do you mean by this? The only real “conflict” or punishment the US has imposed on the GOE has been Agoa suspension. The US hasn’t directly funded or aided the TPLF outside of encouraging a ceasefire nor have they encouraged Abiy Ahmed to surrender or acquiesce.

    You genuinely believe that the US is engaged in regime change, I have to ask you: why does GOE still accept NED and USAID funding, two actual organs of the State dept?

    • Nikolas,
      You don’t understand how the US government functions, nor the history of the US, the fights within the political establishment and the US presidency itself. Geo-politics is complicated and cannot be grasped easily. It requires a lot of serious work. The two NYT articles on Ethiopia are quite revealing about the author and the NYT. I know US politics well, and not as a causal observer. You can read my earlier posts, but you have to do some serious reading and research for several years to comprehend how decisions are made by the US government. Your analysis of Libya intervention is not accurate. Where did R2P come from? Who invented it and why? Read Bog Gates medoirs on Libya. He tells a small part of the story. I don’t have time to answer all your objections. You have years of serious intellectual work ahead of you to get to the heart of these issues. Most people just skim the surface. Goof luck.

      • Again, I appreciate your responses, however;

        “Geo-politics is complicated and cannot be grasped easily. It requires a lot of serious work. ”

        This doesn’t answer a single question I asked.

        “I know US politics well, and not as a causal observer.”
        “You have years of serious intellectual work ahead of you to get to the heart of these issues.”

        This is just an appeal to authority and some bizarre gatekeeping. You didn’t answer a single question I asked, simply gave a “It’s too complicated” response which seems very shallow.

        You didn’t outline the US’ geopol framework, how my position on Libya was wrong, how the NYT, an outlet with thousands of members, is an “organ” of the state dept yet slams them eg the Kabul Drone strike investigation or the actual punishments the US has inflicted onto Ethiopia’s government.

        I hope you do actually answer my questions as I genuinely want to understand these positions better.

        • Sorry my friend, I don’t have the luxury of that much free time to answer your questions. Many people and nations depend on me for analysis, and with limited time that I have, that is my priority and my focus is. Don’t look to me for easy answers. You are going to have to do a lot serious intellectual work on your own.
          Happy Holidays
          Stay safe and healthy

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