U.S. Has No Right Under International Law To Violate Ethiopia’s Sovereignty With HR6600 & S-3199

Addis Media Network- English

March 29, 2022

The video above and the news story below are from an interview with Lawrence Freeman by Ethiopian News Agency on March 24, 2022.

The U.S. Congress is advocating resolutions that would dictate policy to Ethiopia, violating its sovereignty: HR6600 in the House of Representatives; and S-3199 in the Senate. The geo-political establishment is not done with Ethiopia and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. They will hound the Ethiopia over allegations of human rights abuses, rule of low, charges of genocide and ethnic cleansing in an effort to force the government to submit. Ethiopia has demonstrated its enormous potential, typified by the GERD and the Addis-Djibouti railroad. If the U.S. government was more intelligent and not under the grip of geopolitics, it would be supporting Ethiopia’s progress.

Lawrence Freeman is a Political-Economic Analyst for Africa, who has been involved in economic development policies for Africa for over 30 years. He is the creator of the blog: lawrencefreemanafricaandtheworld.com. Mr. Freeman’s stated personal mission is; to eliminate poverty and hunger in Africa by applying the scientific economic principles of Alexander Hamilton.

One thought on “U.S. Has No Right Under International Law To Violate Ethiopia’s Sovereignty With HR6600 & S-3199

  1. I was eagerly awaiting for Mr. Freeman’s usual generous serving of the dialectics of American foreign policy vis-à-vis Ethiopia and the renegade provincial madmen of Tigrai. The summary of his interview, however, put clearly the kernel of his analysis- that American foreign policy makers are bent on overthrowing the democratically elected Prime Minister and breaking up Ethiopia into ethnic fiefdoms, hopefully shepherded by the Woyane separatists.
    This is indeed a sad season in global politics. I came off age at a time when the American sense of physical and mental dexterity had an enormous sway over world politics and democracy was served on a gold plate and we indulged ourselves till we were literally all intoxicated and deeply hypnotized.

    And then came the day of judgment!
    The dreaded Woyane appeared on the Ethiopian political scene and enforced a system of ethnic politics that turned everything upside down. Division, greed, corruption, torture, nihilism, became the norm. A united, God fearing, patriotic, humble, generous and peaceful people were forced into a new normal.
    Eventually, the Woyane was chased out of Addis, Dr. Abiye was elected Prime Minister and a new beginning was offered to all Ethiopians. Woyane’s response was to attack the Federal armed forces, confiscate their weapons and declare war on Ethiopia. The State Department’s response was that there was not enough evidence that the Woyane forces were the culprits. That was enough encouragement for the Woyane to orchestrate it’s devastation of the entire national economic & social infrastructure that the nation has built with great sacrifice in norther Ethiopia.
    Today, the land of democratic ideals, leader of the free world, home of the free and the brave is gearing up to debate on which side of history the great American nation will be standing.
    Ethiopian Americans and the entire diaspora along our children on whom we regularly stress the glory of American democracy are eagerly awaiting for their verdict.
    I strongly hope our trust in the American sense of justice and fairness will be vindicated and Mr. Freeman will keep us engaged in prodding America to live up to it’s great ideals.

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