British Colonial Legacy Still Plaguing African Nations Today

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September 22. 2022

The British Empire should have expired an ignoble death after World War II, and the monarchy disbanded. I believe that if President Franklin Roosevelt had his druthers, that was his intention.

In her article below, my colleague, Nancy Spannaus, creator of the website, provides a glimpse of President Roosevelt’s displeasure with British imperialism. President Roosevelt was especially distressed by British treatment of people in the underdeveloped sector, especially Africa. He wanted to develop Africa with American System policies of economic growth after the war. Sadly, President Roosevelt died, before he could implement his Grand Design.

During recent weeks, much of the world was focused  on the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the coronation of King Charles III. While people were subjected to nonstop media coverage of ceremonial pomp and celebration of the British monarchy, Africans and true friends of Africa have nothing to celebrate. There should be nothing but shame for the horrific inhumane practices by the British monarchy in Africa.

The British Empire did no good for the Africa, which it dominated through its imperialist power. Its repulsive brutality in conquering and maintaining its rule in Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe (Rhodesia), Ghana, and Nigeria to name a few nations, is well documented. Its divide and conquer tactics are infamous. This included its promotion of ethnicity and manipulating ethnic groups against each other to keep nations divided as a means to prevent them from achieving sovereignty. The ugly legacy of British colonialism is evident in Africa today, where Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa are still suffering internal political discord resulting from British rule, as evidenced in recent elections.

As colonialism dominated Africa in the twentieth century following the Berlin Conference, the British Empire became the foremost imperialist force on the continent. It murdered African people, plundered their resources, intentionally thwarted industrialization, and set up structures to prevent Africans from realizing their full economic sovereignty after the Winds of Change swept through the continent.

Is it not nobler for us today, to advocate for the dismantling of the British monarchy instead of mourning the death of Queen Elizabeth, who oversaw the barbaric treatment of Africans in the twentieth century.

This post is not meant to provide a detailed history of British Colonialism in Africa. Additional articles on this subject are available on this website.

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Lawrence Freeman is a Political-Economic Analyst for Africa, who has been involved in economic development policies for Africa for over 30 years. He is a teacher, writer, public speaker, and consultant on Africa. He is also the creator of the blog: Mr. Freeman’s stated personal mission is; to eliminate poverty and hunger in Africa by applying the scientific economic principles of Alexander Hamilton.

4 thoughts on “British Colonial Legacy Still Plaguing African Nations Today

  1. It’s a surprise to me that you as an American wrote the truth about British’s ‘inferiority syndrome’ which was splashed over Africa . There is no doubt that American foreign policy should put aside its company with British whenever it wants to be welcomed in the African continent. Even it should lie about serving tea in British made cup when it feels to come to Africa. It would rather be better for US to compete with China in real political economy terms in Africa. We all have seen how much China raised the bar in dealing with Africa. Your writing is pretty good, but your country has a lot to work on the perception that consider Britain and USA as two sides of a coin. You could not make competition with China in Africa while imperialist rumor has gone ahead of your way.

    I have lately thought that their extraordinary ruthlessness upon Africans may be inherited from their Roman colonizers. Otherwise, I can’t get it. you know, we Ethiopians are very much vigilant when it comes to protecting our countries interest as we are valor in war battles. Right now, the British are supporting Tigre bandits, radical Islam in Oromia region (this might be confusing to you) and sneaking in Sidamo region. I have already included Britain in ‘historical enemy category’ and decided to work on quitting all diplomatic tie. These are handful of signs, there are many indications that they have been plaguing to dismantle this nation.

    • Please provide me with information on British support for for “Tigray bandits and radical Islam in Oromia.” I am interested in learning more about British role IN Ethiopia.

  2. It is more important for Africans to jettison the mentality impacted by colonialism. The United Kingdom should be left alone to decide its form of government.

    • Yes, I agree: jettison the mentality of British colonialism. Unfortunately, this is something Nigeria has so far not succeeded in accomplishing.

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