U.S. Should Make the Right Decision: Support Economic Reconstruction of Ethiopia & GERD Completion

Economic Refconstruction and GERD Completion Key Tasks for Ethiopia

Addis Media Network-March 22, 2023

ETV Addis Dialogue-March 26, 2023

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Following the destructive two year war, Ethiopia needs to become unified with all citizens supporting the future of the Ethiopian nation state as one nation. The thorny issue of transcending ethno-nationalism and ethnic federalism must be undertaken with the expectation that it will be contentious and highly emotional.

However, we can look at two other policies that will help Ethiopia overcome the nation’s current acrimony. One is to launch a massive inclusive economic reconstruction program that will satisfy the economic needs of all its citizens. I estimate a $50 billion price tag to rebuild and expand all features of infrastructure, industry, and agriculture. Secondly, the completion of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will cause a resurgence of the patriotic spirit comparable to that of the victory of Adwa.

The administration of President Joe Biden, has launched what is being called a “charm offensive” with several high level government officials visiting the African continent this year. It is well known in Washington and across Africa that the underlying purpose of the density these visits is to counter China’s influence in Africa primarily, and secondarily that of Russia. However, these well publicized visits to the continent lack real substance. Also, factions of the administration and the State Department are still determined to pursue their agenda of so called human rights, democracy, and good governance, without any concern to reversing the deplorable conditions of life for hundreds of millions of Africans.

If the current U.S. government and U.S. Congress are truly interested in promoting democracy, and human rights, rather than lecturing African nations, they should provide economic assistance to advance  development, beyond simply distributing aid. The most effective means to respond to China’s economic influence on the continent is for the U.S. government to issue long term-low interest loans for vital and lifesaving infrastructure. This policy of issuing government backed credit or public sector investment for essential infrastructure is not novel. It was how the U.S. developed our national economy under the leadership of such geniuses as Alexander Hamilton, and Presidents Abraham Lincoln, and Franklin Roosevelt.

For example, compare U.S. leadership for Africa 60 years ago to that of today. Vice President Kamala Harris while she is in Ghana, is enjoying many photo opportunities while offering $100 million to all of West Africa. Six decades earlier, President John Kennedy collaborated with Ghanaian President, Kwame Nkrumah, to construct the Volta Dam energy and aluminum smelting complex. For the U.S. governement to supportively impact Africa, and Ethiopia in particluar, it should reject the dictates of the “human rights mafia” and return to our better days of US-Africa foreign policy.

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Lawrence Freeman is a Political-Economic Analyst for Africa, who has been involved in economic development policies for Africa for over 30 years. He is a teacher, writer, public speaker, and consultant on Africa. He is also the creator of the blog: lawrencefreemanafricaandtheworld.com. Mr. Freeman’s stated personal mission is; to eliminate poverty and hunger in Africa by applying the scientific economic principles of Alexander Hamilton

3 thoughts on “U.S. Should Make the Right Decision: Support Economic Reconstruction of Ethiopia & GERD Completion

  1. I do agree with every single word in the article. We all know that the US policy towards Africa is based on Americas interests in the first place. There is nothing wrong with that as all countries are putting their national interests first. In the case of Africa America is scared of China’s infiltration and growing influence in Africa . To counter the Chinese influence America must heavily invest in real sustainable investment projects rather than giving small amounts of money and continue lecturing Africans on human rights and democracy,things that America itself lack. Instead of spending billions of dollars on military campaigns and sending weapons worth of billions of dollars to conflict areas around the world,America can spend that money in investment projects in Africa to enable the continent to stand on its feet and fit itself where it is supposed to be globally. As far as Ethiopia is concerned America can help the country in the final stages of the GERD completion,and help other countries with different long term development projects. This is the only way to convince Africans that America is their friend and at the same time curb Chinese infiltration in Africa , a thing that America is too much worried,and probably scared about.

    • Thank ou. It apears that you and I have many smialr views aboiut Africa and th US. We once had US Presdeints who promoted development in Africa. Hopefully, we will again.

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