Lawrence Freeman: Why The “Rules-Based International Order” Has Failed and Will Always Fail: The Case of Africa

Please watch my one hour fifteen minute presentation in the video above. (May 5). It will be of benefit to you and your nation.

June 5, 2024

This is a strategic presentation that you will not hear from anyone else. It contains epistemological concepts that are necessary for one to understand, if one wants to become a competent strategic thinker. With a grounding in these rudimentary but essential ideas  that I discussed, we are equipped to help Africa realize its potential in becoming an economic giant within the first half of this century.

After discussing some of the dynamics in Africa today, I delved into the main subject, which is poorly understood, even by most of my friends and colleagues. However, absorbing and spreading this knowledge may determine the future existence of the human race.

Only when we understand why the so called rules-based international order must fail, can we dedicate ourselves with new vigor to create a superior paradigm that will portend a better future for humans living today and our progeny.

At the core of the deficiency in the thinking process of the Western elites-the political financial oligarchy, is their failure to understand the unique characteristic of what makes us human. Endowed by the Creator, we humans, and we alone of all species, and unlike all machines, and all computer programs, possess the power of creative mentation. In other words, the mental power to hypothesize, as brilliantly and beautifully elaborated by Plato in his dialogues and by Socrates. With this power, which exists in all human beings as a potential to be developed, there are no limits to the expansion of the human race and the transformation of our physical universe. Thus, people and nations are not fixed. All societies and cultures, if they are human, embody a civilization of creative transformers. All people of all nations share this exclusive common feature, which universally binds us together in our quest for a better shared future.

Those in power in the West, their schools, colleges, institutions, and values, not only fail to understand this fundamental principle of human existence, but actually deploy to suppress it.

Our global society should be organized on these principles of human  creative enhancement, not a fixed set of rules established by the bankrupt Western invention of a so called rules-based international order .

I hope you learn from, and enjoy my presentation in the video above.

Lawrence Freeman is a Political-Economic Analyst for Africa, who has been involved in economic development policies for Africa for 35 years. He is a teacher, writer, public speaker, and consultant on Africa. Mr. Freeman strongly believes that economic development is an essential human right. He is the creator of the blog:, and also publishing on:, “Freeman’s Africa and the World.”

One thought on “Lawrence Freeman: Why The “Rules-Based International Order” Has Failed and Will Always Fail: The Case of Africa

  1. It is an intriguing point of view. I hope that the Western world will reconsider its development policies in light of this understanding and foster economic relationships between nations that are based on mutual benefit. This will ensure improved living conditions for all human races. Otherwise, the existing rules that favor the Western world will ultimately bring about anarchy and chaos.

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