Freeman Interview: Is The West’s Rules-Based Order Targeting Horn of Africa and South Africa?

South Africa’s Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Grace Naledi Pandor

June 11, 2024

Listen to my one hour interview with “Spotlight Africa” from May 5. Click: South Africa, The Horn, West Rules-Based Order

Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa are still targeted for destabilization. Using the so far unpublished Memorandum of Understanding between Somaliland and Ethiopia as a pretext, foolish, but dangerous nonsense of a potential conflict is being propagated. This new level of potential economic cooperation in accessing a port, is potentially a very positive development in the Horn. All contentious issues should be resolved in calm, thoughtful discussion among African nations of the region, who understand their common interest and benefits from economic development.

Prior to the May 29, elections in South Africa, this courageous African nation was under attack from the United States Congress. A Congressional act, HR 7256, if passed would punish South Africa for its leadership in the Global South, and for being in dialogue with Russia, China, and Iran.

The western concocted, rules-based order has failed. Its continued targeting of  African nations, who do not bow down as slaves to West’s geopolitical doctrine has to end. Instead of an arbitrary set of Western rules, we need to create a new paradigm, where sovereign nations collaborate in creating a better future for all nations on this planet.

Principles that foster continued physical economic growth are superior to a fixed set of dictates on how nations should behave.

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