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Developing Nations Must Have Steel to Industrialize: Congo`s Steel Industry is Ready to Pave the Future

May 20, 2020

I am posting below in English and French, an interesting article by PD Lawton, a journalist and creator of the website: African Agenda-A new perspective on Africa– African Agenda. Lawton’s article  brings to our attention the importance for developing nations to have an iron and steel industry. The lack of steel production along with the absence of a vibrant manufacturing sector has prevented African nations from escaping underdevelopment imposed on them by colonialism.

Maluku Steel : the Time is Now!

Congo`s Steel Industry is Ready to Pave the Future


“The role of the Iron and Steel Industry in national industrialization is pre-eminent. This is because steel remains the basic raw material for a host of manufacturing activities and hence the material backbone for national economic development in general.”

They [ steel industries] are basically strategic industries that serve the long term industrial needs of a nation through their unique role as feeder channels to myriads of other key establishments. No serious programme of industrialization can be contemplated without a strong steel base, at least a steel base that would grow with the visualized scope of general industrialization over a set period.”

The Steel Industry will continue to serve as stimulus to national development and economy booster to industrial development of a country. The industry will serve as the backbone of industrialization of our great country, Nigeria if all the necessary parameters are put in place. The benefits of having a functional steel industry will translate to a functional country. It should also be noted that steel industry will contribute to all the facets of the economy, including the important role steel plays in economic development and growth.”

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Maluku Steel : the Time is Now!





Interview: Kikaa Bin Karubi, Min of Information,DRC

Lawrence Freeman

November 1, 2001

The wars which raged continually in the Democratic Republic of the Congo for more than three years until early in 2001, caused the genocide of millions of Congolese: 2.5 million according to the International Rescue Committee’s report past May; more than 4 million excess deaths from war disease according to Congo officials. .
The United Nations investigative panel was compelled to report that this genocide was a war by proxy, in which “rebel groups” were a cover for invading forces of Uganda Rwanda stealing Congo’s gold, diamond, and other mineral wealth; and Rwanda and Uganda in turn were acting as favored “marcher-lords” for Anglo-American and other global financial interests.

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Invading Armies and Congo’s Human Disaster

An Interview with Dr. Faida Mitifu,  Ambassador of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Washington DC

May 8, 2001

Ambassador Mitifu: As you know, since Aug. 2, 1998, my country has been a victim of an unjust invasion by its neighbors from Rwanda, Uganda, and later on, Burundi. Ever since the beginning of the war, large-scale massacres have been of the aggression from its neighboring countries: Rwanda, perpetrated on the people of Congo, particularly in the eastern part of the country. You would also remember that during the third week of the war, the armies of Rwanda and Uganda cut off electricity and water to the city of Kinshasa, a city of 6 million people. And, during that time, actually, in Kinshasa, many, many people died in the hospitals because they did not have access to water, to electricity, and to the care they needed to get well.

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