Where is America’s Desperately Needed Abraham Lincoln Today?

Abraham Lincoln in 1860, New York City

April 14, 2024

Today, we remember and reflect upon the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. His death was a tragedy for the United States from which we can honestly say, we have never recovered. His unique leadership and disposition saved the Union from being destroyed through division into separate regional entities. He was a towering intellect with extraordinary courage and morality to lead our United Staes through its most perilous period of potential disintegration.

Abraham Lincoln was perhaps our finest president and greatest American.

Once again, the United States is faced with a grave internal crisis. Presently, we have no leaders of President Lincoln’s quality. The American population is not the educated citizenry our Founding Fathers envisioned to maintain our Republic. Actual serious thinking by my fellow citizens has been replaced by group think and political correctness, following three successive generations of being dumbed down by our politicians and culture.

Whence will a leader like Abraham Lincoln come, to save our Union once again from destruction.

Below is a post by my colleague, Nancy Spannaus, creator of the blog: americansystemnow.com, in remembrance of Abraham Lincoln, as told by the great statesman, Fredrick Douglass.

Excerpt from Spannaus:

The assassination of Abraham Lincoln a mere five days after the victory of the Union in the Civil War represents one of the greatest tragedies this nation has ever endured. With that act, we moved from the prospect of Reconstruction and reconciliation led by a man of principle and compassion, as he signaled in his Second Inaugural and final speech, to a bitter and ongoing struggle which ensured that we would remain a nation divided, if not doomed.

Excerpt from Frederick Douglass’ eulogy of Abraham Lincoln:

But what was A. Lincoln to the colored people or they to him? As compared with the long line of his predecessors, many of whom were merely the facile and service instruments of the slave power, Abraham Lincoln, while unsurpassed in his devotion, to the welfare of the white race, was also in a sense hitherto without example, emphatically the black man’s President: the first to show any respect for their rights as men.

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