South African Minister Pandor Speaks On Importance BRICS Economic Cooperation

Lawrence Freeman with Naledi Pandor, Minister of International
Relations and Cooperation, Republic of South Africa, in Washington DC, March 2024

June 16, 2024

The BRICS and the emergence of the Global South are providing an alternative to the Western created rules-based order, which is failing due to its flawed axioms of belief. Both Naledi Pandor, Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Republic of South Africa, and Sergey Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister, addressed the importance of this new multi-polar dynamic in the world. Both presentations beg the need for the creation of a “new just economic order” based on a paradigm of economic development.  

Below are excerpts of Minister Pandor’s June 10th remarks.

We mark the expansion of BRICS to include further members of the global South and so increase our voice and influence as we continue to strive to shape a more fair, just and representative multipolar world order.

We also face very complex and political challenges that require ingenuity, innovation and increased global cooperation and we can be a force for good.

South Africa stands ready to work with our new members as they join all BRICS cooperation tracks and structures.

BRICS has increasingly become an important global forum. It is important that we maintain the momentum across all pillars of cooperation in the BRICS spirit of solidarity, openness, mutual respect and understanding in full consultation and consensus. Our collaboration can enhance effective action in all three pillars of BRICS, namely financial and economic cooperation, political and security cooperation, and cultural and people-to-people cooperation.

Together, we can realise the full potential of our BRICS economic partnership for mutually beneficial and inclusive economic growth and sustainable development. We therefore welcome the establishment of a Task Force to prepare a “BRICS Report on Improving the International Monetary and Financial System” and Central Bank discussions on the feasibility of establishing a BRICS international settlement and depository platform.

Our vision for BRICS is to foster a partnership that promotes the inclusion of countries of the global South in a fair, just, and equitable world, based on mutual respect and the equal sovereignty of nations. We see our partnership as a catalyst for sustained and mutually beneficial global growth and sustainable development that addresses the needs and demands of the entire world, not just the rich and the privileged.

As BRICS, we share a commitment to upholding and strengthening international law and advancing the central role of the United Nations in promoting inclusive multilateralism to foster increased cooperation between sovereign states in pursuit of international peace and security, sustainable development, democracy, human rights, and fundamental freedoms for all. (emphasis added)

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Below are excerpts from Minister Lavrov.

Multipolarity is not something that depends on the wishes of a certain state or a group of nations. Multipolarity or polycentrism as we also call it, is an objectively developing historical process which cannot be stopped. Although the West is trying to stall it by crook or by hook in order to prolong its hegemony that was proclaimed as the main goal of the US and its allies. They openly say that the world order in which the leading role belongs to the Americans, NATO and the EU, cannot be allowed to change.

This is an openly neocolonial mentality, which is manifested in everything the collective West does. It is the West that is trying to divide the world into various blocs. Think back to how the Americans convened a special ‘summit for democracy’, where they personally appointed the participants and sent them invitations. There was only one criterion for being invited – loyalty to the United States, first of all, loyalty to the democratic administration of [US President] Joe Biden.

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